jboss-transaction-api_1.1_spec : 1.0.0.Final


The Java Transaction 1.1 API classes


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This version number (1.0.0.Final) doesn't fit semantic versioning 2.0.0!


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pom.xml snippet for Maven
Ivy (Ant)
<dependency org="org.jboss.spec.javax.transaction" name="jboss-transaction-api_1.1_spec" rev="1.0.0.Final" />
SBT (Scala)
libraryDependencies += "org.jboss.spec.javax.transaction" % "jboss-transaction-api_1.1_spec" % "1.0.0.Final"
Leiningen (Clojure)
[org.jboss.spec.javax.transaction/jboss-transaction-api_1.1_spec "1.0.0.Final"]

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Current: 1.0.1.Final
This: 1.0.0.Final
Released: over 2 years ago
Avg. Rel. Time: 19 days
References: 72
Dependencies: 0
Language: Java


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Sean Flanigan

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4 Versions

1.0.1.Beta1 (Jan 06, 2012)
1.0.1.Final (Mar 21, 2012)
1.0.0.Beta1 (Jan 06, 2012)
1.0.0.Final (Jan 05, 2012)
For Maven based packages currently we don't have the real release dates. We can only show the date we detected a specific version.
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