About VersionEye

VersionEye is a cross-platform search engine for free/libre/open source software libraries. Currently we track more than 1.5 Million free/libre/open source libraries from Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, Node.JS, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Objective-C, Rust, R and Clojure. Soon we will add Perl and other languages.

You can follow any of the 1.5 Million free/libre/open source libraries on VersionEye and we will notify you as soon the next version is released. VersionEye helps you to stay up-to-date.

In additional to the search and follow feature, VersionEye can actively monitor your source code and notify you about outdated dependencies, security vulnerabilities and license violations in your project.

VersionEye is "free software" (FLOSS). You can use it for free for your free/libre/open source projects and you are always in control of your data. We follow the easy-in & easy-out philosophy. The VersionEye project containes several code repositories. Most of them are free/libre/open source.