Use the VersionEye API (Application Programming Interface) for a deeper integration into your tool chain. Through the API you can integrat VersionEye into your Continuous Integration process and get notifications about your dependencies on each build. You can also use it to write Add-ons, mobile applications, desktop applications, gadgets or widgets.

You can find your API key in the input field next to the `Explore` button. The API key is visible for authorized user only. If you're logged in and the API key is still missing then goto the your settings page and generate a new one.


Here are some projects which are using the VersionEye API already:

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Who is using it?

“We are using the VersionEye API to keep our internally hosted NodeJS projects up-to-date. We integrated the VersionEye API into our Continuous Integration Lifecycle via the NPM module versioneye-update and it saves us the hassle for checking updates manually.”

Jens doose 75 Jens Doose (CEO @ Onwerk GmbH)