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10048 software libraries tagged with the keyword plugin
gulp-eslint (4.0.0)
A gulp plugin for processing files with ESLint
References: 4202 | License: MIT
Released: 4 months ago.
html-webpack-plugin (2.30.1)
Simplifies creation of HTML files to serve your webpack bundles
References: 1240 | License: MIT
Released: 3 months ago.
brfs (1.4.3)
browserify fs.readFileSync() static asset inliner
References: 1049 | License: MIT
Released: almost 2 years ago.
coffeeify (3.0.0)
browserify plugin for coffeescript with support for mixed .js and .coffee files
References: 785 | License: MIT
Released: 20 days ago.
reactify (1.1.1)
Browserify transform for JSX (a superset of JS used by React.js)
References: 745 | License: MIT
Released: over 2 years ago.
NUnit (3.8.1)
NUnit features a fluent assert syntax, parameterized, generic and theory tests and is user-extensible. This package includes ...
References: 559 | License: Nuget Unknown
Released: about 2 months ago.
gulp-tslint (8.1.2)
TypeScript linter Gulp plugin
References: 542 | License: MIT
Released: 2 months ago.
gulp-line-ending-corrector (1.0.1)
Gulp Plugin for Line Ending Corrector (A utility that makes sure your files have consistent line endings)
References: 477 | License: MIT
Released: about 2 years ago.
gulp-format-md (1.0.0)
Gulp plugin for beautifying markdown using pretty-remarkable.
References: 394 | License: MIT
Released: 4 months ago.
clippy (0.0.165)
A bunch of helpful lints to avoid common pitfalls in Rust
References: 362 | License: MPL-2.0
Released: 21 days ago.
clean-webpack-plugin (0.1.17)
A webpack plugin to remove your build folder(s) before building
References: 252 | License: MIT
Released: 23 days ago.
gulp-file (0.3.0)
Create vinyl files from a string or buffer and insert into the Gulp pipeline.
References: 227 | License: BSD
Released: over 1 year ago.
copy-webpack-plugin (4.1.1)
Copy files and directories in webpack
References: 206 | License: MIT
Released: 14 days ago.
inert (4.2.1)
Static file and directory handlers plugin for hapi.js
References: 187 | License: BSD-3-Clause
Released: 3 months ago.
babel-plugin-rewire (1.1.0)
A babel plugin adding the ability to rewire module dependencies. This enables to mock modules for testing purposes.
References: 172 | License: ISC
Released: 6 months ago.
chai-subset (1.6.0)
Object properties matcher for Chai
References: 168 | License: MIT
Released: about 1 month ago.
browserify-derequire (0.9.4)
Browserify Plugin for Renaming require() Calls
References: 149 | License: MIT
Released: over 2 years ago.
eslint-plugin-flowtype (2.39.1)
Flowtype linting rules for ESLint.
References: 138 | License: BSD-3-Clause
Released: 13 days ago.
good (7.3.0)
Server and process monitoring plugin
References: 126 | License: BSD-3-Clause
Released: about 2 months ago.
backbone.marionette (3.4.4)
The Backbone Framework
References: 103 | License: MIT
Released: 16 days ago.
markdown-loader (2.0.1)
markdown-loader for webpack
References: 101 | License: MIT
Released: 4 months ago.
hbsfy (2.8.1)
Handlebars precompiler plugin for Browserify v2
References: 101 | License: MIT
Released: 10 days ago.
babel-plugin-istanbul (4.1.5)
A babel plugin that adds istanbul instrumentation to ES6 code
References: 98 | License: BSD-3-Clause
Released: about 1 month ago.
eslint-watch (3.1.3)
Run eslint with watch mode
References: 85 | License: MIT
Released: 6 days ago.
es6ify (1.6.0)
browserify v2 transform to compile (ES6) to JavaScript.current (ES5) on the fly.
References: 84 | License: MIT
Released: almost 3 years ago.
guzzle/plugin-mock (3.9.2)
Guzzle Mock plugin
References: 80 | License: MIT
Released: over 3 years ago.
gulp-esdoc (0.4.1)
Gulp plugin for ESDoc
References: 80 | License: MIT
Released: 5 months ago.
guzzlehttp/log-subscriber (1.0.1)
Logs HTTP requests and responses as they are sent over the wire (Guzzle 4+)
References: 78 | License: MIT
Released: about 3 years ago.
bower-webpack-plugin (0.1.9)
Use bower with webpack
References: 66 | License: MIT
Released: about 2 years ago.
gulp-file-include (1.2.0)
a gulp plugin for file include
References: 61 | License: MIT
Released: about 2 months ago.