BeeFramework : 0.5.2


Bee Framework is an iOS MVC framework to help you develop your app rapidly.

Bee Framework is a MVC Framework to develop iOS application.
It has pretty clear hieracy and signal based mechanism, also with cache and asynchonized networking methods in it.
Add __BEE_DEBUGGER__=1 in build setting of Pods target and add [BeeDebugger show] to AppDelegate to enable Bee Debugger.


1 software packages are referencing this project.
That is a beginning.
This version number (0.5.2) fits semantic versioning 2.0.0!


6 Compile Dependencies
Dependency Badge
Required Newest
ASIHTTPRequest >= 0 1.8.2
FMDB >= 0 2.6.2
OpenUDID >= 0 1.0.0
Reachability >= 0 3.2
TouchXML >= 0 0.1
ZipArchive >= 0 1.4.0
See visual page


Podfile entry
pod 'BeeFramework', '0.5.2'

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