CDTDatastore : 1.2.1


CDTDatastore is a document datastore which syncs.

CDTDatastore is a JSON document datastore which speaks the
Apache CouchDB(tm) replication protocol.

* Replicates with Cloudant and CouchDB.


5 software packages are referencing this project.
That is a beginning.
This version number (1.2.1) fits semantic versioning 2.0.0!


3 Compile Dependencies
Dependency Badge
Required Newest
CocoaLumberjack ~> 2.0 3.3.0
FMDB = 2.6 2.6.2
SQLCipher ~> 3.1.0 3.4.1
See visual page


Podfile entry
pod 'CDTDatastore', '1.2.1'

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