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symfony-cmf/routing-bundle has 72 references
These 72 software packages all depend on symfony-cmf/routing-bundle
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kunstmaan/article-bundle (3.1.2)
Add articles to your website. Use the KunstmaanGeneratorBundle to generate a new Overview/Detail article section for your webs...
References: 5
kunstmaan/bundles-standard-edition (3.1.2)
The "Kunstmaan Bundles CMS Standard Edition" distribution
References: 0
kunstmaan/form-bundle (3.1.2)
Managing forms, fields and their submissions by the user is a key functionality missing in most platforms. By leveraging the K...
References: 6
kunstmaan/media-pagepart-bundle (3.1.2)
The KunstmaanMediaPagePartBundle is a pagepart that can be used on the KunstmaanPagePartBundle. It is a separate bundle to pre...
References: 6
kunstmaan/node-bundle (3.1.2)
All websites need pages(we call them nodes) but you probably don't want to spend too much time building them. Plus they should...
References: 16
kunstmaan/node-search-bundle (3.1.2)
This bundle uses the KunstmaanSearchBundle to search through Nodes from the KunstmaanNodeBundle
References: 5
kunstmaan/pagepart-bundle (3.1.2)
The KunstmaanPagePartBundle forms the basis of our content management framework. A page built using a composition of blocks na...
References: 11
kunstmaan/redirect-bundle (3.1.2)
This bundle adds a way to configure redirects from the backend.
References: 4
kunstmaan/sitemap-bundle (3.1.2)
A sitemap bundle to generate a sitemap for your Kunstmaan bundles website based on its Nodes
References: 5
majes/teel-framework (1.20.15)
The "MajeS'teel Edition" distribution
References: 0
networking/init-cms-bundle (2.5.6)
This Bundle is a basic cms based on symfony
References: 4
presta/cms-core-bundle (1.0.0)
PrestaCMS Core bundle : CMS based on Symfony2 and Symfony-CMF
References: 19
presta/cms-sandbox (dev-master)
PrestaCMS Sandbox bundle : PrestaCMS Demonstration bundle
References: 0
presta/symfony-prestacms (dev-without-cms)
This is Prestaconcept's Symfony distribution packaged with everything you need to build website with PrestaCMS
References: 0
rmzamora/page-bundle (2.3.2)
Symfony SonataPageBundle rmzamora forked
References: 1
sonata-project/page-bundle (2.3.9)
Symfony SonataPageBundle
References: 7
sonata-project/sandbox (dev-patch-add-tests)
Sonata Project's sandbox (with ecommerce bundles)
References: 0
sulu/content-bundle (0.9.0)
The bundle responsible for content management in Sulu
References: 3
sulu/product-base-bundle (dev-master)
The Sulu Bundle for managing products
References: 2
sulu/website-bundle (0.9.0)
This sulu bundle is responsible for the websites administrated by Sulu
References: 11
sylius/core-bundle (0.14.0)
Sylius core bundle. It integrates all other bundles into full stack Symfony2 ecommerce solution.
References: 9
sylius/sylius (0.14.0)
E-Commerce platform for PHP, based on Symfony framework.
References: 4
symfony-cmf/content-bundle (1.2.0)
Symfony CMF Content Bundle
References: 14
symfony-cmf/core-bundle (1.2.0)
Symfony CMF Core Bundle
References: 24
symfony-cmf/menu-bundle (1.2.0)
Symfony CMF Menu Bundle
References: 17
symfony-cmf/routing-auto-bundle (1.0.0)
Bundle which automatically creates and manages routes for persisted objects
References: 7
symfony-cmf/search-bundle (1.1.1)
Symfony SearchBundle
References: 4
symfony-cmf/seo-bundle (1.1.0)
Symfony CMF Search Engine Optimization Bundle
References: 10
symfony-cmf/simple-cms-bundle (1.2.0)
A simple CMS bundle based on the Symfony CMF
References: 8
symfony-cmf/symfony-cmf (1.2.0)
Symfony Content Management Framework
References: 12