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symfony/process has 926 references
These 926 software packages all depend on symfony/process
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ac/mutate (0.8.0)
Command line file transcoding app for PHP 5.3+.
References: 0
ac/transcoding (0.4.4)
File transcoding abstraction component for PHP 5.3+.
References: 2
alb/fselectmenu (1.1.1)
Fast and non-intrusive HTML select menu
References: 0
behat/mink (1.6.1)
Browser controller/emulator abstraction for PHP
References: 209
behat/mink-goutte-driver (1.1.0)
Goutte driver for Mink framework
References: 177
behat/mink-zombie-driver (1.2.0)
Zombie.js driver for Mink framework
References: 30
chh/bob (0.1.0)
A tiny and messy build automation tool for PHP projects.
References: 7
composer/composer (dev-newrepo)
Composer helps you declare, manage and install dependencies of PHP projects, ensuring you have the right stack everywhere.
References: 413
cypresslab/compass-elephant (0.3.4)
A library to manage a compass project with PHP
References: 2
cypresslab/gitelephant (1.0.11)
An abstraction layer for git written in PHP 5.3
References: 4
cypresslab/less-elephant (0.2.5)
A library to manage a less project with PHP
References: 3
elcodi/currency-bundle (0.5.18)
Elcodi Currency Bundle
References: 23
elcodi/elcodi (0.5.18)
Barebones Ecommerce functionality for Symfony
References: 4
jms/security-extra-bundle (1.5.1)
Enhances the Symfony2 Security Component by adding several new features
References: 195
JoshuaEstes/ServerTools (1.0.0)
Collection of command line tools to help with server management and maintenance
References: 1
JoshuaEstes/stApache (dev-master)
Manage apache settings and vhosts
References: 0
JoshuaEstes/stEtc (dev-master)
Manage /etc/hosts for right now, other tasks maybe?
References: 1
kherge/box (2.5.2)
A tool to simplify building PHARs.
References: 44
kherge/elf (1.0.2)
A collection of helpers for the Symfony Console component.
References: 1
kriswallsmith/assetic (1.2.1)
Asset Management for PHP
References: 357
miguelibero/meinhof (dev-master)
A static blog generating tool
References: 1
mlalbuquerque/mink-goutte-driver (1.0.4)
Goutte driver for Mink framework
References: 0
php-xpdf/php-xpdf (0.2.1)
XPDF PHP, an Object Oriented library to manipulate XPDF
References: 2
piece/stagehand-testrunner (4.0.1)
A continuous test runner for CLI
References: 11
sculpin/sculpin (2.0.0)
Static Site Generator
References: 4
sensio/distribution-bundle (4.0.0)
Base bundle for Symfony Distributions
References: 563
silex/silex (1.3.0)
The PHP micro-framework based on the Symfony2 Components
References: 1037
simplenightdev/framework-gae (4.2.8)
The Laravel Framework for Google App Engine.
References: 1
symfony/browser-kit (2.7.1)
Symfony BrowserKit Component
References: 523
symfony/http-kernel (2.7.1)
Symfony HttpKernel Component
References: 875