Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.

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Most referenced libraries

1. libc
A library for types and bindings to native C functions often found in libc or other common platform libraries.
References: 1414 | License: MIT, Apache-2.0
Generic serialization/deserialization support corresponding to the `derive(RustcEncodable, RustcDecodable)` mode in the compil...
References: 952 | License: MIT, Apache-2.0
3. log
A lightweight logging facade for Rust
References: 900 | License: MIT, Apache-2.0
4. serde
A generic serialization/deserialization framework
References: 872 | License: MIT, Apache-2.0
5. rand
Random number generators and other randomness functionality.
References: 851 | License: MIT, Apache-2.0
A JSON serialization file format
References: 778 | License: MIT, Apache-2.0
7. hyper
A modern HTTP library.
References: 681 | License: MIT
8. winapi
Types and constants for WinAPI bindings. See README for list of crates providing function bindings.
References: 607 | License: MIT
9. clap
A simple to use, efficient, and full featured Command Line Argument Parser
References: 571 | License: MIT
A macro for declaring lazily evaluated statics in Rust.
References: 565 | License: MIT, Apache-2.0

Most followed libraries

1. gitlab
Gitlab API client.
Followers: 2 | License: MIT, Apache-2.0
2. clippy
A bunch of helpful lints to avoid common pitfalls in Rust
Followers: 1 | License: MPL-2.0
3. fst
Use finite state transducers to compactly represents sets or maps of many strings (> 1 billion is possible).
Followers: 1 | License: Unlicense, MIT
4. futures
An implementation of futures and streams featuring zero allocations, composability, and iterator-like interfaces.
Followers: 1 | License: MIT, Apache-2.0
5. getopts
getopts-like option parsing.
Followers: 1 | License: MIT, Apache-2.0
A selection of rolling hashes
Followers: 1 | License: AGPL-3.0
7. hubcaps
Rust interface for Github
Followers: 1 | License: MIT
8. hyper
A modern HTTP library.
Followers: 1 | License: MIT
Default TLS implementation for use with hyper
Followers: 1 | License: MIT, Apache-2.0
10. log
A lightweight logging facade for Rust
Followers: 1 | License: MIT, Apache-2.0

Currently updated libraries

References: 0 | License: MIT
Compiler-plugin to include bytes from files in a directory recursively
References: 0 | License: MIT
Placeholder for the limn GUI library
References: 0 | License: Apache-2.0
References: 0 | License: MIT, Apache-2.0
A tiny plugin for Topaz which provides a Glium/Glutin event loop.
References: 0 | License: MIT
SeedLink library for rust
References: 0 | License: MIT
References: 0 | License: MIT
Read a wordnet dictionary in Rust
References: 0 | License: BSD-2-Clause
Read a wordnet dictionary in Rust
References: 0 | License: BSD-2-Clause
Rust library for parsing OpenSSH certificates and public keys
References: 0 | License: non-standard

Top Contributors

doug_tangren 1. doug_tangren - 442 libraries
peter_atashian 2. peter_atashian - 430 libraries
Mathias Buus 3. Mathias Buus - 381 libraries
sebastian_thiel 4. sebastian_thiel - 288 libraries
Tom MacWright 5. Tom MacWright - 264 libraries
Alex 6. Alex - 263 libraries
fadi_hadzh 7. fadi_hadzh - 222 libraries
Hugo Duncan 8. Hugo Duncan - 193 libraries
david 9. david - 186 libraries
David Björklund 10. David Björklund - 168 libraries

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