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netty (3.10.6.Final)
GroupId: io.netty
The Netty project is an effort to provide an asynchronous event-driven network application framework and tools for rapid d...
References: 2655 | License: Apache-2.0
Released: almost 2 years ago.
log4j (1.2.17)
GroupId: log4j
This is the de facto standard for logging in the Java World. It offers various log levels, different output streams and flexib...
References: 21357 | License: Apache-2.0
Released: almost 6 years ago.
core.match (0.2.2)
GroupId: org.clojure
Optimized pattern matching and predicate dispatch for Clojure
References: 196 | License: EPL-1.0
Released: over 3 years ago.
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