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junit-dep (4.11)
GroupId: junit
JUnit is a regression testing framework written by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck. It is used by the developer who implemen...
References: 2268 | License: CPL-1.0
Released: over 5 years ago.
easymock (3.5.1)
GroupId: org.easymock
EasyMock provides Mock Objects for interfaces in JUnit tests by generating them on the fly using Java's proxy mechanism. Due t...
References: 8805 | License: Apache-2.0
Released: 5 months ago.
hamcrest-core (1.3)
GroupId: org.hamcrest
This is the core API of hamcrest matcher framework to be used by third-party framework providers. This includes the a foundati...
References: 8559 | License: BSD-3-Clause
Released: almost 6 years ago.
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