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mysql-connector-java (6.0.6)
GroupId: mysql
MySQL java connector
References: 7673 | License: GPL-2.0
Released: about 1 year ago.
spring-data-neo4j (5.0.2.RELEASE)
Neo4j support for Spring Data
References: 1215 | License: Apache-2.0
Released: 5 months ago.
spring-security-core (5.0.0.RELEASE)
References: 3404 | License: Apache-2.0
Released: 5 months ago.
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I like SpringMVC for quick development of simple web based user interfaces in java projects. For higher demands I would prefer other frameworks.
Robert Reiz at May 16, 2012 - 17:01
Which Framework would you use for higher demands?
neo4j : 1.6.1
Nils Keßler at Apr 20, 2012 - 10:33
Christian, won't you try using a Java backend for your PHP applications? It works very well for me (based on spring data for neo4j and jersey and symfony2). Maybe you want to take a look on my code ;)