You build your Closed-Source solution on top of Open-Source?

Open-source software is a crucial part of today's software development. While being a great benefit for your developers, it puts your company in risk too. Open Source doesn't cost money but it comes with obligations (licenses) and a license violation can lead to lawsuits. In the worst case, you have to open source your solution and pay compensation.



VersionEye is checking multiple security databases every day and knows which artifacts are vulnerable. With the native plugins VersionEye can even break your build on your CI/CD server if one of your dependencies has a known security vulnerability.



Open-Source components are published either under a permissive or a copyleft license. If you develop closed source software you should avoid copyleft licenses like GPL! VersionEye can check all your open source dependencies against a license whitelist and notify you about violations! These checks can happen in real time and with the right integration it can break your build on your CI/CD server in case of a license violation.



Failing on updating open source software to its latest version can cause security leaks. Late software updates lead to vulnerable legacy software which nobody likes to work on. If you want to attrackt new talent, you better keep you software projects up-to-date!
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