Version Notifications

VersionEye notifies you about outdated dependencies in your software projects. Nowadays software projects are based on many open source and self developed components. Checking manually for updates for these components is a very time consuming task and not fun at all! VersionEye notifies software developers about outdated dependencies in their projects. That way they can save a lot of time and focus on development.

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License Notifications

Nowadays software projects are based on many open source components! Some of the components are published under a permissive and others under a copyleft license. If you develop closed source software you should avoid copyleft licenses! VersionEye can check all your open source dependencies against a license whitelist and notify you about violations! This checks can happen in real time and your software team can react immediately! Depending on your software development process we can even break your build on the CI server if there is a license violation.

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Security Notifications

Nowadays software projects are based on many open source libraries! How do you ensure that you are not using dependencies which has security vulnerabilities? You don't! VersionEye is checking multiple security databases every day and knows which artifacts are vulnerable. VersionEye can monitor your project and send you security notifications if one of your dependencies has a known security vulnerability.
Currently this feature works for PHP, Node.JS and Ruby. Security alerts for Java and Python are coming soon!

Package Managers

VersionEye is based on package managers. The idea behind VersionEye is that it can monitor your package managers project file(s) on GitHub/Bitbucket. That way VersionEye knows which open source dependencies you are using and based on that it can send you notifications to new versions, license violations and security vulnerabilities.

Currently these package managers are supported: