Notification System for Software Libraries

Because software libraries don't update themselves


What is VersionEye?

VersionEye helps to keep your software project up to date. Let VersionEye monitor your repositories to get notified about outdated dependencies in your software projects.


Because software libraries don't update themselves

They just become out-dated!

Because software libraries are not like iPhone apps

They are passive! They don't tell you that they are out-dated!

Because software developers are wasting time with ...

looking manually for updates. Save time and money by automating this process.

Because core committers of open source projects don't release new versions just for fun. Releasing a new version of an open source project is a lot of work. An artifact has to be build and published. Documentation needs to be updated and a releasenote has to be generated. If it's a major version a migration path has to be written. And in most cases the core comitters even don't get paid for this work. So they think twice before they release a new version. And every time they do so they have a very good reason for it. For example:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Security Fixes
  • New Features

This are all good reasons for you to update your dependencies to the newest version. If you don't update you are missing bug & security fixes and new features!

Check out the slides to Continuous Updating and don't forget to run your tests after the update. We don't recommend to use continuous updating without continuous testing, continuous integration and semantic versioning.


VersionEye has different ways to monitor your dependencies and to keep you informed.


Login with your GitHub account and turn on the switch beside the project file you want to monitor. VersionEye will notify you about outdated dependencies via email.


VersionEye shows you all supported project files in all branches for all of your repositories. After parsing your project file you can immediately see which dependencies are outdated.



Login with your Bitbucket account and turn on the switch beside the project file you want to monitor. Our Bitbucket integration works exactly like the GitHub integration. The only difference is that we only show supported project files in the root of a branch. Project files in subdirectories are currently not displayed.


Let VersionEye know where your project file is located on the Internet and it will fetch it every day and notify you about outdated dependencies.


Just upload your project file and VersionEye will show you the outdated dependencies.

Package Managers

VersionEye currently supports these 9 package managers: Composer, Bundler, PIP, NPM, Bower, Leiningen, CocoaPods, Maven and Gradle.


For Java we support Maven of course. If your project has only one pom.xml file then it works fine with our GitHub/Bitbucket integration. If you project has multiple pom.xml files we recommend to use the VersionEye Maven Plugin.

Gradle is also supported. VersionEye is watching for a *.gradle file in your project.

Apache Ivy support is part of our roadmap.

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